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Premises Liability Attorney Serving Macon & Savannah, Georgia

We Have Won Hundreds Of Premises Liability Cases Throughout Georgia

We handle Premises Liability Cases where injuries or death were caused by:

  • Slip & Fall

  • Negligent Design, Construction or Maintenance

  • Inadequate Security

  • Attacks by Pets

This is a specialized area of law, very different than a personal injury claim from a motor vehicle accident. If you or a loved one have an injury or death claim contact us immediately for a FREE CASE EVALUATION.

Hold the Property Owner Responsible

The most common type of Premises Liability Case involves an injury to a customer or guest of business due to a hazard resulting in a Slip and Fall, falling merchandise, or injury from poor maintenance or design. The average person may think that a business is always responsible if they’re hurt at a business location.

However, the law in Georgia states that the owner is only responsible for injuries to customers when it can be shown that the owner or the employees knew about the hazard, or should have known of the hazard by exercising ordinary care. This can be challenging to the injured person because they have to prove that an employee actually knew of the hazard, or that the hazard was there long enough that they should have found it to avoid unreasonable danger to the public.

For example, a person who slips on a spill but has no evidence of the source or how long it was there may not be able to recover if they cannot meet that burden of proof. The second requirement is to show that the injured person did not cause or contribute to the accident. The law says that each person must “exercise ordinary care for their own safety.” Therefore if the danger is open and obvious, and could have been easily avoided an injured person will not be able to recover for damages. These cases need to be handled by an experienced law firm.

Another type of premises case involves “inadequate security”. For example, if a guest at a hotel is violently attacked by another person, the hotel may be liable if they had similar prior attacks on the premises and still took no measures to provide reasonable security. Additionally, if a person owns a pet that attacks someone they can be held liable for damages if it can be shown that the pet has shown aggressive behavior towards someone before the attack in question. Most homeowners’ policies will cover this type of negligence claim.

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