Get The Compensation You Deserve! We are experts in all of the following areas:

Car Wrecks

In the United States, a person dies in a car crash every 18 minutes.

Truck Wrecks

There are nearly 500,000 truck wrecks across America each year.

Motorcycle Wrecks

80% of all reported motorcycle crashes involve serious bodily injury

Nursing Home Negligence

Abuse or neglect can result in malnutrition, disease, preventable falls, and even death.

Personal Injury

Our experienced team is skilled in handling a broad range of personal injury matters.

Workers’ Compensation

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can relieve frustration and often speed up the receipt of benefits.

Social Security Benefits

An experienced Social security attorney can relieve frustration and speed up the receipt of compensation.

Premises Liabilities

This is a specialized area of law, very different than a personal injury claim from a motor vehicle accident.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit can be pursued in almost any circumstance where the defendant’s unsafe product or actions led to another person’s death.


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