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For many open road enthusiasts, traveling via motorcycle is an exhilarating experience. Cyclists enjoy the wind in their hair and the view that you cannot get from a car or truck. However, with the benefits come risks. Various studies reveal that motorcyclists are significantly more likely to lose their lives and suffer serious, life-changing injuries in accidents.

Injuries are more horrific due to motorcycles lacking the steel enclosure and seatbelt restraints that provide protection to car and truck occupants. Even if the rider is wearing a helmet, insurers are often resistant to compensate bikers and often put the blame for the accident on them.

If you or a family member suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, our lawyer at The Law Offices of Peter Meyer, P.C., will fight to maximize your compensation. For more than 25+ years, our attorney Peter Meyer has helped injured clients across Georgia with personal injury claims.

The High Possibility Of Injuries

Summers are a time when motorcycle operation is at its peak, bringing cyclists out in force, filling the roads and freeways in Macon, Savannah, and the entire state of Georgia. In spite of campaigns to raise awareness, motorcycles and their riders are still not seen by larger motor vehicle operators. Thus, for motorcyclists, just being on the road presents risks of other vehicles striking them or turning too closely in front of them.

Tens of thousands of motorcycle accidents occur every year, with a 2021 study revealing 468 injuries occurring for every 100 vehicle miles traveled that year. However, more than a third of those collisions involve riders who haven’t taken the time to secure a valid endorsement that requires written and driving tests. Speeding and alcohol use also put riders and their passengers at risk.

Over time, cars and trucks have implemented safety features that are woefully lacking in motorcycles. Instead of technology, riders rely on clothing and helmets for protection in a crash. Riders who do not wear helmets are a big concern, with countless suffering life-changing and far too often fatal injuries.

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