We’re on your side

We're on your side

If you or your family have suffered a loss due to negligence you need an experienced attorney who specializes in injury and wrongful death cases. Insurance adjusters are paid to deny your claim and refuse to pay for all of your damages. Even your own insurance carrier will hire lawyers to fight against you. We have been fighting and winning against all of the major insurance companies throughout the State of Georgia. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Personal & Professional

Personal & Professional

We strive to give you and your case the individual time and attention you deserve. Unlike the large firms that Advertise on T.V., we will spend all the time and resources needed to win your case. You will always be able to speak to your lawyer and the team working your case. Our focus is on YOU and YOUR case. This is why most of our clients are referred to us by previous clients.


Proven results
Injured Railway Worker Wins $975,000.00 From Logging Truck Collision After Lengthy Legal Battle
Houston County Woman Injured At Mall Awarded $330,000
Injured railway worker wins $975,000 from logging truck collision.
Premises Liability: Deck Collapse $95,000.00.
Drunk Driver runs Stop sign-Twiggs County: $500,000.
Slip & Fall Houston County: $130,000.00 VERDICT.
Rear end Collision: $150,000.00 Verdict in Laurens County.
Driver’s runs stop sign-Houston County: $400,000 Verdict.

  Linda, a 51 year old Houston County woman worked for the same company in the mall for 10 years. While walking in the store she fell in a puddle of water, struck her tailbone on the tiled concrete floor and severely injured her back. “I never saw the water, and the next thing I…

    (State Court of Bibb County)   Mike, a 26 year old railway worker was driving a utility truck when his vehicle was rear ended by a fully loaded log truck in downtown Macon.   Mike was sore immediately afterward thought he would be o.k. “My neck and shoulder hurt, but I just thought…